ATTENTION: All Christian women who are tired of wearing the masks of being “Ok!”, but deep down inside you’re still suffering from the actions and words from people who hurt you.

 "Learn a simple, yet TOTALLY TRANSFORMING process that will show you EXACTLY how to find happiness, peace, and healing IN SPITE of your painful experiences."

  • Are you sick of fear holding you back in life because of past heartaches, disappointments, and mistakes?

  •  Are you ready to press the RESET button and move ON from the pain and walk into the NEWNESS of your - WORRY FREE, authentically you, and very rich - life?

  •  How many more times will you rehearse, re-live, re-visit, and rehash the hurtful pain of your past, before you're able to LIVE in peace, tranquility, and JOY?

  •  How long are you going to suffer from the choices, decisions, and behaviors of someone else?

  •  Have you ever wondered what it would be like to FINALLY be happy, enjoy your life, and let the pain from your past be the ROCKET FUEL into your dream life?

Well, ENOUGH already! … The pain of your past NO LONGER has to rule your days and nights.

No longer do you have to:

  • carry feelings of self-doubt and insecurity

  • be fearful about what the future may hold for you

  • require or DESIRE an apology from ANYONE who as ever offended you

  • harbor anger, irritation, or frustration

  • speak negatively to and about yourself

  • self-sabotage your success

  • settle for less than what God has designed for you

  • beat yourself up because of past mistakes, failures, or heartbreaks 

As your Champion, I’M CALLING A “TIME OUT!” for you to come out of the pit that you're in.

This 31 Days to Unbreak Your Heart program will COMPLETELY transform the way that you view your life’s trauma, heartache, and disappointments

 This is a month-long, interactive, personal transformation system designed SPECIFICALLY for Christian women.  It includes POWERFUL daily exercises and poignant moments of reflection and that will shift your mind from that of negativity to PEACE, JOY, and even GLADNESS!

If you are ready to…

  • FINALLY be happy

  • Let GO of the pain and LET GOD restore your joy

  • Find the blessing in your hardships

  • Get clear on just how strong, powerful, and MAGNIFICENT you are

  • Learn how your greatness is bigger than your bruises

  • Eliminate the toxic thought patterns and behaviors that have sabotaged your progress

  • Clear your heart space so you can embrace the GOOD things that God has for you


…then I invite you to join me for a month-long, sacred journey that will TOTALLY TRANSFORM YOU from the inside – out!

Who is This Program For?

This self-paced, self-study program is for Bible believing, women who serve Jesus exclusively and are ready to advance to the next level of their spirituality to gain clarity, restore their joy, and LIVE ABUNDANTLY (John 10:10). 

This program will especially be of benefit to you if you’ve silently suffered with anger, aggravation, and heart break because during the last year.

Here’s Everything that You’ll Get:

  • 31 daily exercises that will help you TELL THE TRUTH about your heartbreak, declare your independence from the pain, learn how the past is interrupting your future, and take action NOW to reverse the hurt

  • 31 daily audio guides that will walk you through each exercise of the program and how to use them in your daily life

  • 75+ page printable “31 Days to Unbreak Your Heart”™ eBook containing all 31 exercises in one place

  • Daily email reminders with each exercise that will be sent to your inbox

  • Journaling exercises, templates, and supplemental eBooks and guides

  • Support from Dee as your virtual cheer leading mentor throughout the month.