Learn an EASY TO FOLLOW, Step-by-Step blueprint for creating a lucrative online coaching business (...everything from A to Z!)

(...even if you've never enrolled a client before and you feel "clueless" on how to start)

FINALLY! Stop spinning your wheels and start EARNING INCOME in your online coaching business...

No more guessing or working on the WRONG STUFF! - Get CLEAR direction AND a PROVEN client attraction system.

Created for Christian Women to help you shave off YEARS off the online business learning curve.

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Are you FEELING overwhelmed with how to start your online coaching business?

have you already invested money into getting a coaching certificate, but have no idea how to attract the clients who need you?


My sister, I get it. More than you will ever know. So can I just level with you?

You've probably been combing the internet trying to find all the tiny pieces to put your business funnel together, right?   You've watched just about every FREE webinar you could find, yes?  Only to find out that there's actually MORE THAT YOU DON'T KNOW!

So now you're Frustrated. Confused. and you're email is flooded with random "gurus" promising you ways to earn $10K, $20K, and even $100K a month!

They tell you that in order to have a successful business, you need to create:

  • a "platform"
  • tripwires,
  • free e-books,
  • gated content,
  • multiple social media accounts,
  • blog posts,
  • podcasts
  • $47 programs  that lead to - $127 that lead to - $497 and so on...
  • email lists
  • Live! streams
  • flyers
  • business cards
  • affiliate networks, etc.

Now if you're anything like me All of that stuff is OVERWHELMING!  But still:

  • You don't want to keep undercharging or doing EVERYTHING FOR FREE!
  • You don't have YEARS to waste before you start making income in your business...
  • You want to create a business that is AUTHENTIC to who God has created you to be and you want to SHARE your gifts with the world!...
  • You don't like the idea of using "gimmicks" and false hope in order to earn money in your business... 
  • You're a ambitious teacher, nurturer, and GO-GETTER - so your determination won't let you give up
So you keep trying to do it all yourself. You don't ask for help and you refuse handouts.  But deep down inside, you secretly wish "getting out there" didn't have to be so hard.

That someone would care enough about your dreams to lend a hand. To help you without you asking. 

So that the life you yearn for—the freedom, the money, the recognition, the impact—could come easy for you. And you wouldn't have to do it ALL on your own.

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This program is designed to offer you REAL MENTOR-SHIP for your online business!  (... You know, the kind where you can actually TALK to your mentor and not have to "HOPE" there will be enough time to get your questions answered...)

ASK ANY OF MY CLIENTS... they will tell you that I will, personally, walk with you through each step of the building process.   

Imagine what it would be like to know:

  • EXACTLY Who Your Divine Clients are, What They Need, and How to Deliver Your Service to Them
  • HOW TO Read The Minds of Your Divine Client so You Can Create Dog Whistles that Magnetically Attracts Them to You
  • HOW TO Create a Signature Premium Offer that Transforms the Lives of Those Who Need You
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  • HOW TO price your offer with undercharging so that you don't attract mediocre clients who "complain" or make excuses.
  • HOW TO master the sales process without being pushy or "salesy"
  • HOW TO Attract Highly Targeted Clients who Will EASILY Invest TOP DOLLAR for Your Services
  • HOW TO Position Yourself on Social Media to Pre-Sell those You Want to Work with AND How to use the RIGHT Words to Call Your Tribe to Action that Serves Them and Pays You!
  • A Step-by-Step Demo of how to Drive Endless Traffic to Your Offer... in less time and with less effort
  • HOW TO Quickly Establish Credibility, Authority, and Build Rapport with Your Divine Clients
  • HOW TO STOP Giving Everything Away for FREE!
  • HOW TO ENROLL Divine Clients and Make Sure They are the Right Fit for Your Program

Who This Training is For:

•  You must have an interest in TEACHING others how to solve a major life or business problem.. 

•  You must be resourceful, decisive, and open to being coached or advised.

•  You must be clear about WHO you want to serve and EXCITED about attracting them into your business/ministry... (If you are just  looking for more FREE information or want to just kick tires, this is not for you)

•  You must be a woman who is teachable, honest, and someone who kindhearted and warm.

If that's you AND YOU'RE READY TO GET ALL OF THIS AND MORE - WITH PERSON TO PERSON SUPPORT, then click the button below to SCHEDULE A FREE SESSION WITH ME TO SEE IF we're a good fit to work together.  

This is NOT a do it for you offer - nor is it a free training opportunity