About the colors of your website and business cards

I hope this wisdom nugget saves you some time and effort as you're launching and growing your business:

People are not as impressed with fancy websites and glamorous headshots as we'd like to think they are.

  • They want solutions to their problems. 
  • They want answers to their questions. 
  • They want real transformation
  • They want a REAL person who can help them move from feeling 'stuck', unsure, and overwhelmed with life or business. 

Working on the colors and format of your website should be the last thing on your "to-do" list if you're still funding your business/ministry from your personal bank account.

Deciding on the texture of your business cards shouldn't be a priority if you no one is actually interested in contacting you to get the help that you provide. 

Collecting Facebook "Likes" and Twitter followers is the same as having a pocket full of Monopoly money.  Especially if you don't know how to enroll them into your services and SERVE THEM to their transformation. 

Perfecting your image and 'looking successful' is not enough if you actually want to have a profitable, sustainable, and effective business/ministry.

(1) Focus on the parts of your business/ministry that really matters.  (2) Invest your time and resources in defining winning strategies that align with who you are as a Christian woman. (3) Don't think too much about "looking successful".  Instead, concentrate on meeting the needs of those who need your expertise.  

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