PACKAGE, MARKET, SELL Your Knowledge & Expertise

***Special Announcement***

APPLICATIONS now open for the next "PACKAGE, MARKET, SELL Your Knowledge & Expertise" Mastery Program.

This is an 8 week, online, life-changing, Christian-based mentoring program to show you EXACTLY HOW to create an AUTHENTIC service-based business that serves others with your Knowledge, Expertise, and Life Lessons...without having to waste time and money trying to figure it out alone!

This program is ONLY for ambitious Christian women who are:

[+] completely sick of feeling stuck & trying to figure out a marketing strategy to get out there

[+] have a SERIOUS need to build/grow their own business (even if you don't know how)

[+] are brave, coachable and 100% committed to success

[+] you MUST also have financial resources to invest in starting or growing your business…(Here’s Why… #1 Working with me is NOT cheap (and -- it's worth every penny.) #2 Whether you work with me or not, building a business requires money - no matter what.)

Be clear - my program is NOT a do-it-yourself business course that fills you with information but then leaves you wondering HOW to implement it.

This is a very high-level mentoring program, where I walk with you HAND-IN-HAND… one-on-one to help you learn:

✔️ HOW TO get clear on your offer and how to price it
✔️HOW TO magnetically attract those who are already looking for you (No chasing or being salesy)
✔️HOW TO keep from suffering through the FEAST or FAMINE ebb and flow most coaches or consultants dread.
✔️HOW TO deliver your services so that you can actually ENJOY the time freedom and wealth that your business is intended to offer you
All while integrating your FAITH in Christ and serving the world with what you KNOW.

You’ll get this… AND MORE in just 8 weeks.

If this resonates with you and you're ready to grow your business FASTER, with proven strategies and expert guidance from someone who's been there....

I have just opened a few more spots for a FREE one-on-one 90 min Strategy call with me to see if this program is a good fit for you.

and PLEASE - if you don't meet ALL the criteria above, DO NOT APPLY at this time. I am only one person and there are 700+ of you!

Please fill out this application and then choose a time on my calendar. 😊 ----------> Here's the link:

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