Do You Have a NOT-To-Do List?

What have you committed to NOT do?

Hey there!

Redefining what you NEED to do in order to bring your purposeful life to fruition is just as important as being clear on what you have to STOP DOING.

I have found that having a Not To-Do List has kept me from falling back into my "old ways" of keeping quiet when I should speak, letting fear paralyze me when action is necessary, and settling for less when I deserve more.

Here what my Not To-Do List looks like:

  1. I've decided NOT TO stay in places or relationships that discourage my vision and purpose driven life
  2. I've decided NOT TO settle for less than what I want and deserve
  3. I've decided NOT TO let fear paralyze me when action is necessary for my growth
  4. I've decided NOT TO live to please others but to please God
  5. I've decided NOT TO waste my time
  6. I've decided NOT TO hide my light, gifts, and talents
  7. I've decided NOT TO ignore, suppress, or disavow my feelings

This is something that I look at regularly and it's helped me to keep forging ahead with my dreams and goals, even when I come up against bumps in the road. 

What does your NOT To-Do list look like?

Post your list below so we can stand in agreement with you.

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