Who's is Sitting in Your Front Row?


A few years back my uncle, Jerome "Jae the Gospelkidd", who hosts a local AM gospel/talk radio show aired a segment entitled, "Who's Sitting in Your Front Row?".  The premise of the segment was to invoke thought to who we, as Christians, allow to have access to our minds, hearts, plans, and most intimate space. 

The question required the Church to investigate the integrity, intentions, habits, and practices of the people who hold a 'sacred space' in our lives and who has some level of influence in how we show up in the world, and especially for the cause of Christ.

All throughout the radio show's segment and in between people calling in to give their take on the matter, my uncle kept repeating the words, "Church, who is sitting in your front row?"

It's funny how of all of my uncle's radio segments that I've listened to over the years, this still sticks with me like sticky glue. Just this morning as I was washing dishes, I could hear those words resounding in my spirit, "Church, who is sitting in your front row?"

I have resolved to believe that the consistency and weight of this question serves as a reminder to me to always be cognitive of who I am sharing space with.  That is, what kind of people have access to me physically, emotionally, energetically, and most of all spiritually.

Are they adding value to my life's journey or are they depleting from my wellness?

Are they holding me accountable to the Christ-version of me or are they standing by and watching me play small and live substandard to the best that I can be?

Are they filling my head with doubts, fears, and resistance, rather than encouraging me to dream, have bigger faith, stretch beyond my comfort, and receive my abundance in Christ?

Are they encouraging me to live a life of sin and rebellion against God as opposed to a life of prayer, fasting, and seeking God's Presence like never before? 

I had to ask myself then, and I still do now... "Dee, who is sitting in your front row?"

So I want to pose the question to you.  How would you answer this question for yourself? 

Are the people 'sitting in your front row' pushing you towards your destiny and holding you accountable to your greatness? 

If not, what are you willing to do to replace them with those who are aligned with Holy Spirit to shift you to where He has pre-ordained for you to be?

No man is an island.  And we are not designed to walk this journey alone.  "Church, who is sitting in your front row?"

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