So What's Next?


What needs to happen in order for you to reach beyond the fear, trust God with your dreams, and step out to make it happen? 

That was a question that I had to answer to myself a few years back when I felt the longing to become my own boss.

Yes, I was blessed to work a "good job", but I knew - deep down in my bones - that God had something greater for me to do. My desire to work for myself, write my own paycheck, and approve my own time off was something that I desired for a long time, but I wasn't sure HOW and IF I could do it. 

I mean... it wasn't as if I had a series of entrepreneurial family members to follow after or a pool of "You can do it!" encouragement to pull from. In fact, my family had little to no expectation of me, which really didn't help my 'IF' issue.

...And so I stayed put where I felt safe and familiar.
...And I dreamed...
...And I hoped...
...And I watched other people do what I knew God had gifted me to do, but better...
...And I hoped some more...

By that time, years had gone by. I was still living paycheck to paycheck, feeling stuck in neutral, not using even a FRACTION of the gifts and talents God has deposited in me, feeling unfulfilled, working tirelessly to keep my spot in the "rat race", and being feeling completely clueless on how to make my goals become a reality.

Even as I write this Love Note to you, I realize now that all the while I was hoping and praying for something to change - while remaining standing still, my dreams and goals were being severely suffocated by one of the HEAVIEST burdens that I had gotten so used to mindlessly carrying around with me...FEAR!

Yep! Here's what I know now about that time in my life:

Asking HOW you're going to make your dreams or goals happen without actively seeking for the answers and NOT being willing to do whatever it takes to get, is a symptom of FEAR.

Wondering IF you're able to make your dreams happen, even though God has already promised you that in Him you could do ALL THINGS (Philippians 4:13), is a symptom of FEAR.

Being willing to stay in the uncomfortable, yet familiar, situation, swear by the opinions of people, and keep the Light of Christ that's in you hidden and your gifts stuffed down are all symptoms of FEAR.

So, I want to present to you the same question that I had to answer to myself and to God when I was stuck in fear and uncertainty...

What needs to happen in order for you to reach beyond the fear, trust God with your dreams, and step out to make it happen? 

Even if you're not sure what needs to happen, I'd still like to hear from you. 

Post below with your response to this question...
I’d love to hear your heart!


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