2017 is almost over - Where are you?

💥Wow!💥 ...We only have 2 months left in 2017!

(Be honest and authentic so that you can get where you want to go)

Have you launched your service based business to help others find REAL solutions to their REAL problems yet? ....OR are you still collecting FREE information and completely stuck in the 'getting ready to get ready' phase?

Have you quit your unfulfilling, 9 to 5 JOB that makes you feel like an eagle trapped in a chicken's coop and started earning a living doing what it is that you love to do yet? OR are you still let FEAR or a mindset of 'scarcity' to hold you back?

Finally, have you hit the financial and PURPOSE-FILLED goals that you set on 1/1/2017? ...OR have you broken another promise to yourself because of procrastination, fear, and excuses?

(Be honest... It's ok!) YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO GET IN GEAR!

For the rest of 2017.... I am giving away a 💫THREE SPECIAL BONUS 💫for everyone who schedules a FREE 60 mins. Breakthrough Session with me. 👉 www.womanyouareloved.com/apply

Get immediate access to...

++++ BONUS #1: Resources that will help you start and grow your business/ministry
++++ BONUS #2: The REAL reason why you might be struggling in your cash flow
++++ BONUS #3: A checklist for hiring a Christian mentor to support you along your journey.

➕ PLUS... I've added 30 EXTRA minutes of lite coaching to each session to help you get on the right track BEFORE the year is over.

Disclaimer: This invitation is only for to Service Entrepreneurs and Ministry Leaders who are committed to walking FULL out in their purpose and calling. Being a little nervous is OK... But if you're MORE committed to fear and staying where you are, I can't help you. So be loving and offer that space to a sister who needs its NOW! Here's that link again www.womanyouareloved.com/apply

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