Authenticity Always Wins!

Last night I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and saw a video by Kristy Spraggon.

This video was so moving that I felt the need to share it with you. 

We've had conversations about being authentic and really being "ok" with the parts of us that are not so... well... "good" or flattering.  (You know those hang-ups, flaws, sins, and secrets that we all have)

But it's when we get comfortable with standing in our shortcomings and all, that we can serve others at a much deeper level.  Why?  Because we're able to showcase that shortcomings are natural to this flesh nature.  No one but God is good and perfect.  When we accept ourselves, just as Christ did, we tell others that not having it all together is not the end of the story.  Moreover, we are able to show more compassion to others in their weaknesses.

Besides, people really aren't interested in who we THINK we are or who we WANT to be... They want contact with likable folks who are imperfect, know their imperfect, and willing to do to help them solve their imperfect issues and problems.

While I don't know much about Kristy (meaning, I haven't followed her or even heard of her until now), what she did in this video is breathtakingly BRAVE!  And she gained the adoration of millions because of it.


Hope this inspires you like it did me. 

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