Do You Still Need a Permission Slip?

Every day, I thank God that I:

question mark.png
  • can spend a good portion of my day supporting, encouraging, and helping my our Sisters in Christ get AMAZING results in their mindset, businesses, and their ministries so that they can EASILY use their divine gifts and talents to serve the world – IN JESUS’ NAME.
  • get a chance to set my own “work” schedule (…if you call what I do work) so that I can focus more on the needs of my husband, son, and our home without asking someone else for permission to honor my first ministry (My Family).
  • don’t have to spend the most of my waking hours stuck behind a computer in a small cubicle or closet office that makes me feel more like a caged bird and less like a woman with a God-ordained destiny to impact the world.
  • can come to the close of my day knowing that God has used the spiritual gifts and wisdom that He has deposited in me to help make someone else’s life easier and clearer – AND that all of the “mess” of my life is being used for good and His Glory!

Am I Special??? NOPE.

I Just Gave Myself Permission To

... To receive

... To prosper

... To be happy

... To serve in a way that aligned with Christ in me.

I stopped asking everyone else for permission to be who I KNEW God was calling me to be and I STARTED SERVING NOTICE - whether they approved or not.

Knees knocking and teeth chattering... I gave God an irrevocable "Yes!" and I did what I had to do in order to get the tools & support that I needed to make my dreams come true.

And the craziest thing happened.

...Doors started to open...

...Clients who needed me started showing up...

...My heart got braver...

...And everything I had been praying for began to manifest...

Even when I hit roadblocks, the LORD sent me who and what I needed to bear down and overcome.


It all started with this one thing...

MY PERMISSION TO MYSELF TO OBEY THE CALL OF GOD ON MY LIFE and to open my heart wide enough to let what hinders me GO and let what helps me IN...

What permission slip do you need to write for yourself?

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