How Bitterness Hinders Your Blessings

bitterness blocks your blessings.png

Living in a revolving climate area such as Cleveland, OH, when the Spring season comes I begin to switch out my family’s wardrobes and put our sweaters and long sleeve shirts in storage to make room for our warm weather clothes. 

While doing that I get a chance to get rid of some of our clothes that we can no longer fit or things that have faded or worn out from repeated washes and wears throughout the years.

By getting rid of the things that no longer fit us and aren’t suitable anymore, I make room for newer things. 

Forgiveness works the exact same way. 

It’s the decision to remove all the emotional baggage that you’ve outgrown and that no longer serves you, so that you can make room to receive FRESH thoughts, anointing, peace of mind, and blessings from the Lord. 

Think of forgiveness as a Spring cleaning process, but instead for your soul!

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