#ForgivenessMatters: Loose Yourself So You Can FLY!

surrender the pain to god.png

Think of forgiveness like a release button.  If you press it, you’ll emotionally and spiritually be detached from the person and event that harmed you, in a spirit of LOVE and compassion. 

Not only that, but by choosing to forgive, you are releasing the pain and residue of the event(s) at God’s feet.    You are exchanging your burden of pain, frustration, and anger for the easy and light yoke of God.

Lastly, when you forgive, you release the ownership of someone else’s actions and choices. You allow them to be accountable for their “stuff” while you take on the strength, joy, peace, and security of God.

So I created an eBook for Christian service providers and individuals who desire to offer a piece of themselves to the greater good of someone else.

Inside, I have outlined 10 strategic plays (techniques) that are imperative to the “staying power” of a service leader.   These are strategies that I use EVERYDAY in my ministry to keep me on the path of giving to others without my own well running dry.  

It’s my prayer that you take heart the tips that are included in this manual and make your own renditions of them to fit your lifestyle and needs.  However you use them, be sure that you use them to honor the walk that you have been chosen to trot.

The world is a better place because you’re here.  Care for yourself too!

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