When Friends and Family Don't Support Your Business/Ministry

Ever tried to promote something about your business/ministry on your personal FB page and only to get a lackluster response from your family and friends.

The same people who you have supported countless times in the past, but now that it's your turn to receive their support - THEY GO SILENT... or completely ignore you.

Don't take it personally, sis!


Your family and friends are probably NOT your paying customers, clients, or group members. In fact, probably less than 2% of them would ever financially support your business/ministry.

Why? Because they're just not interested.

And honestly, you're probably wasting a lot of your time talking to the WRONG audience instead of being intentional about attracting the people who are frantically searching all over the internet for the solution that you provide.

Now, I get it...

...Marketing, especially in the social media arena, seems to be a bit overwhelming and cumbersome.

Getting in front of the people who are already looking for your expertise, seems nearly impossible because there are so many OTHER PEOPLE who are offering the same kind of services that you do, yet they have so much more experience and notoriety than you.But what if I told you that neither of those assumptions is true???

What if all you needed was a blueprint... a PROVEN step-by-step strategy... and access to a real person who can hold your hand through the entire building process, see your blind spots and keep you from falling for snares, traps, and hiccups along the way?

Would that be more effective?

If so, let's schedule some one-on-one time to talk about:

[+] Where you are in your business/ministry
[+] Where you want to go
[+] What's working for you
[+] What's not work for you
[+] And HOW to fill in the gaps

No pressure. No gimmicks. No fluff. OK?

Oh, and about the cost??? 
It's 100% Absolutely FREE...

All I ask is that you honor our time by SHOWING UP, being open to receive support and ready to hit the ground running.

Here's the link to apply for an hour (or so) on my calendar --> www.womanyouareloved.com/apply

Let's do this, together!

Get support: www.womanyouareloved.com/apply

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