Getting Out of Your Own Way


Whenever we dare to step out into the unfamiliar and set our best intentions to starting a business, birthing a ministry, or heck... even trusting someone with our heart, there is, and probably will always be, a huge propensity to worry and be afraid. 

It happens to all of us.  

It's a part of the human condition and no one is exempt from this experience.

However, there is a tremendous difference between someone who allows the fear and worry to PARALYZE them and rob them of what could be Vs. someone who acknowledges the feelings but DECIDES to reach beyond them and grab hold to the greatness that awaits them. 

These are the kind people that we watch from afar and admire. 

These are the kind of people who put their feelings in check, embraces their possibilities, and takes intelligent action to bring their vision to fruition. (James 2:14-26)

In other words, they get out of their own way. 

They don't plan according to their fears. 

But instead, they WALK in faith.  (Hebrews 10:38)

The Point:  

The very thing that you've been praying and waiting for just may lie beyond your fears and doubt.  You are 100% responsible for allowing yourself to reach your destiny.

What to Do: 

(1) Acknowledge your doubts and fears.  (2) Decide if you are more committed to holding on to them OR choosing to see the possibilities in your future.  (3) Then take intelligent action to bring it to pass.  

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